Building a Shrike Greenland Kayak Stich & Glue

Photographic record of a self-build Shrike Greenland kayak from a kit.

It's a replica of a 1927 kayak from Disko Bay on the west coast of Greenland.

Kayak kit available from Sellkie Kayaks

Original plans available free from CNC Kayaks


Take the precut plywood panels from the kayak kit and...
Spot glue panels together with superglue

Stitch plywood panels together with copper wire

Fibreglass the bulkhead panels

A world of clamps
Glue on the gunwhales with epoxy and a couple of clamps, ha ha...

First bodge, a screw got epoxied into a gunwhale with no way of removing it. Had to dig in with a drill to get it out. 
Gunwhales on, clamps gone.
Copper stitches removed and replaced with superglue

Dry fitting the deck to have a look at optimum height for masik

The curve on the masik is not exact, it's only for height. The real masik will have a proper curve!
Homemade beam compass for drawing a circle to make the masik.
Took 5 mins to make the compass, beats a pencil on a string every single time!
Drawing the jig to make the masik. Beam compass had an upgrade with 2 clamps and a bit of wood. Stops the pivot from moving.

Masik glued and bent into shape in newly made jig

The cockpit bulkhead is laminated one side with fibreglass, the other with kevlar
Bow bulkhead and masik. Kayak is taped up ready for the epoxy fillets on the seams.