Greenland Paddle

Want to make a Greenland paddle? It's really not that difficult.
£20 for 2.2m of Western Red Cedar and away you go. Southgate Timber UK

Download the plans from "Making a West Greenland paddle by Chuck Holst".

Youtube video from Matt Johnson Carving the Greenland Paddle

Tips for making a Greenland paddle by Bryan Nystrom "Greenland paddles step by step"
Can't be bothered making one? Get in touch with Anders in Norway to buy traditional qajaqs, Greenland paddles, harpoons et al

eed a Greenland rolling course in the UK? Rolling Course Oxford


Greenland paddle

  Greenland stick

 Greenland paddle of Western Red Cedar


Helen Wilson DVD "Simplifying the Roll". Impeccable rolling demonstrations. 
Maligiaq & Dubside "Greenland Rolling" DVDs - the entire collection of rolls from the Greenland Championships. 
"This is the Roll" features Turner Wilson & Cheri Perry. Plus "This is the Roll 2" released Sep 2015.
The inspirational Stika in sunny Oz.
For seat of your pants Greenland rolling Warren Williamson in Deception Pass

An article by Warren on taking Greenland skills from the millpond to the tidal race.